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This letter is written in support of Marsha Cohen, M.S, C.N.S.  This individual has worked with many doctors in our office for several years helping to care for our patients’ dietary needs.  We have many individuals who require significant dietary instruction with their lipid (cholesterol) and diabetic issues as well as general weight control measures.  Others simply need guidance on how to maintain a healthy diet.  Marsha has an outstanding ability to work with individuals and maximize their varying potential.

Frequently broaching dietary issues is a sensitive area with many patients.  Marsha has the ability to approach a patient’s dietary needs in a personalized way, which can take advantage of each person’s strengths while allowing for their weaknesses.

Another factor that I find patients like is her location.  She is better able to accommodate an individual’s needs if they do not have to travel a great distance to see her.  Therefore, her flexibility in locale is a significant benefit.

Ultimately, it is outcome and patient satisfaction that are keys.  Both of these are Marsha’s strong points.

As you can see, I would recommend Marsha Cohen for dietary consultation without reservation.

Reed S. Wilson, M.D.
Internist Specializing in Cardio-Vascular Disease

I have had the pleasure consulting and referring patients to Marsha Cohen, nutritionist since 1988. 

My referrals are often for dietary guidance for diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and obesity.

I have been impressed with her expertise and outstanding patient relations.  She is extremely flexible, at times, seeing patients at home.

I enthusiastically recommend her as an outstanding professional consultant.

Steven B. Rubins, M.D.
Internal Medicine and Cardiology

Marsha Cohen and I have been associated directly and indirectly for almost fifteen years.  She has been as asset to my practice in weight management and other therapeutic conditions.  Marsha has a broad spectrum of knowledge, and has the ability to motivate her patients to achieve success in weight loss and other food related issues.  She is capable, energetic, and has impeccable integrity.  It is a pleasure to work with Marsha.

Charles F. Kivowitz, M.D.
Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases

I have referred patients from my pediatric practice to Marsha Cohen for nutritional counseling for fifteen years.  She relates very well to young and adolescent patients and I have often seen impressive results.  My patients like her.  Her guidance is well informed and I would certainly not hesitate to recommend her to those who want sound nutritional counsel.

She has very good skills at getting to core issues and stresses those changes that are achievable.  Her knowledge of significant recent research is excellent, and the feedback I get from my patients is positive.  As a pediatrician I am pleased to recommend Marsha for skills at addressing the often-specialized needs of my young patients.

Yours sincerely,
Sheila S. Phillips, M.D.

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It has been a year since our first consultation, and I wanted to tell you how important these sessions have been to me.

When I first arrived at your office, I weighed about 235 pounds and I was in terrible shape.  My weight and dietary habits had been causing me all kinds of physical problems, and Dr. Goodman recommended that I see you.  His referral really changed my life this past year.

I credit your dietary strategies, enthusiasm, and nutritional knowledge for helping me to lose thirty-five pounds (and keep it off), become more physically active, and feel better than I have in years.  Even when I presented you with challenges like numerous dietary and physical restrictions, you always found creative ways to meet specific goals.  For example, just last week I mentioned that my health conscious wife would be out of town for a few weeks and that I was concerned about the types of less nutritious meals I might prepare.  You suggested that my wife make large batches of healthy, freezable meals that I could defrost in the course of her absence.  My wife and I both thought it was a great idea.

I must tell you that the food logs I found especially valuable because they not only provided important insights into my eating habits, but most importantly, they caused me to become conscious of what I was eating.  Our discussions of these logs provided me with so many insights: planning my protein and grain intake, the elimination of bad habits (e.g. drinking sodas), preparing for special occasions, allowing for moderate exercise, etc.  For the first time, I felt in control of my food intake.  What a great feeling!

Finally, I must thank you for your moral support.  As a teacher, I am very aware of the power of positive reinforcement, and you are exemplary in identifying specific behaviors worthy of praise.  I have always felt that you are in my corner , as my advocate, encouraging me on my journey toward a healthier life.  In this respect, you have made all the difference.

Ed Markarian
M.A.  M.S.
Santa Monica College

Thank you, Marsha, for truly helping me to understand food!  By doing this, you assisted me with understanding myself.  The end result was 17 pounds lost and an entirely different outlook on everything!!  You taught me that I can enjoy all of my favorite foods and not be out of control.  To listen to my body and give it what it needs.  That when I travel for business and am eating in amazing restaurants that it does not mean I come back five pounds heavier.  Our weekly meetings were always a pleasure and your guidance always appreciated!  I have maintained my weight loss for almost a year and a half now and continue to live my life with a balance of food and exercise that is healthy, satisfying and fulfilling!!  Thank you so much!!  I am forever grateful!!

Adrian Glauberman
Director of Special Projects, Wolf Films

My husband and I first went to Marsha at the recommendation of his doctor several years ago.  Ed’s cholesterol and sugar were high and he did not want to go on cholesterol lowering medication.  So we went to Marsha to see if he could control both by diet as well as exercise.  According to the doctor ”I don’t think you can do it”.  BUT WE DID!  I say “we” because I went along as the “chef” so I could be educated as well.  In only three sessions we learned the appropriate foods to prepare and eat!  My husband (actually both of us) changed his eating habits and within six months his cholesterol level was down to an acceptable level and it has stayed that way.  He has never had to go on cholesterol lowering medication.

About a year later I decided that I needed to lose some weight and, although I had been to various programs throughout the years, never seemed to have the will power and discipline to do what I needed to lose...you know, those extra pounds that women over 50 are always needing to lose.

Marsha provided not only the discipline (I went to her every week and got counseled and weighed), but she provided me with a number of helpful tips.  One was “eat with your head” in addition to your stomach.  In other words, know when you are eating because you are hungry, not bored, anxious, etc.  She also taught me to focus on the foods I am eating, not on the newspaper, the mail, or a book.  And, when we travel (which we do a lot), she told me to ask myself this question.  Would you have less fun if you ate less food?  This has really been extremely helpful to me as when I travel I am confronted by an array of goodies!

I highly recommend Marsha’s nutritional services.  She is easy, flexible, not at all rigid, but wonderfully well informed about the nutritional value of food, as well as supplements.  It’s good to know that she is there!

Susan Rosenson, Social Worker      
Edward Rosenson, Certified Public Accountant

Marsha Cohen helped me change my entire way of thinking about food.

Throughout my teenage and early college years, I struggled with my weight.  Without knowledge of the true life benefits of healthy eating and without a good maintenance program, my weight fluctuated twenty pounds a few times a year.

I came to the Roxbury office in Beverly Hills ready to make a change.  I was ready to develop a set of good eating and exercising habits to carry with me for the rest of my life.  Each week we discussed my emotional process as it related to my meal choices.  We also talked about the importance of nutrition.

I began to notice a marked improvement in the way I felt.  I was stronger and more energetic.  Soon my physical appearance began to reflect my mental state.  Over the next nine months, I lost pounds and inches and gained a sense of pride from the work I did to care for my body.

Marsha will help you reach your nutritional goals and help you maintain healthy attitudes and practices to insure your continued well being.

Kimberly S.

As you know I am a genetically overweight person (my father weighed in at 275 pounds and my grandfather at 350 pounds)...so I inherited their weight problems.  In addition, I grew up in a traditional German family eating lots of red meat and fat.  Crisco, lard, and butter were a part of every recipe.  We knew nothing about saturated fats, believe me.  So, my whole life has been working on behavior modification. I’ve probably lost 300 to 400 pounds in my life starting when I was 23 years of age and wanting to look good for my wedding.  I weighed in at 205 pounds and have never returned to that weight in over 50 years.

Now I’m half way there at 250 pounds.  I have lost close to 60 pounds thanks to you and your support, expertise in weight loss and control with nutrition as a centerpiece.  I was lucky having had an exercise program in place for close to 20 years.  You have supplemented that with guidance in helping me to identify those psychological triggers that motivate me to EAT.

Obesity is a very complex problem, which you have been helping me to understand.  I thank you for your compassion and compatible assistance in this endeavor.  As you know, my losing weight is also extremely important for my medical condition.  It could be a life or death issue for me.  So thanks for everything and thanks to those who guided me to your office.  It has been an important turning point in my life.  I feel better.  I think I look better.  I’m back in some of those great tailor made suits that were in the back of the closet!

Chuck Fries
President/CEO of Chuck Fries Productions

“Now, how can I trust a woman, as big as a minute, to understand my lifetime struggle with weight loss?” was my first thought.  Much to my surprise I found I did trust her.  She has been a delight.  I had been programmed to expect a judgmental attitude, instead there was a willingness to help me learn to substitute positive techniques and encouragement to make them work.  I found myself telling her family stories, hurtful to me, which I ordinarily didn’t reveal.

It’s been over a year now and my progress has been slow but steadily downward.  Before this, over my lifetime, I had tried diet pills, shots, and Weight Watchers, etc. but never was able to persevere because I lose so slowly.  Marsha, by dint of her knowledge, expertise and personality has made me feel as if I’m on the road to success.  My attitude towards food and the way I eat is changed and we all can see the results.


Over the last four years, I have faced the potential threat of increased weight gain only to be pulled back from the brink of hopelessness and once again onto the road of reasonable eating by your counsel and weekly guidance.

You teach practical lessons on staring down the threat of “over eating” while incorporating a balanced lifestyle of proper nutrition and exercise, which has proved to be a “winning combination”.

Your individual approach to health and good eating habits is challenging.  Knowing that after leaving your program, one can be welcomed back, without any degree of self-ridicule should one’s eating and health habits slip.

At times, our eating habits need to be modified and refocused on the goal of a healthy lifestyle.  My weekly “Meetings with Marsha” are a pleasure, motivational, and a realistic plateau that can be met.

Philip Giroux
President Toddco Landscape Co., Inc.

Thank you, Marsha, for helping me to lose weight, lower my cholesterol through diet and exercise, and to choose food wisely.  I lost more than I expected!  I have to think that Cheerios also work!  My cholesterol went down almost 20 points and since I cannot take the current prescription drugs this is very important to me.  You are extremely knowledgeable in your expertise and listen carefully to your client’s needs in your evaluation.

Nancy Winstein
Tiffany & Co.
Business Sales
Beverly Hills, CA

Fifteen years ago I was referred to Marsha Cohen for nutritional counseling and for possible assistance with my desire to quit smoking cigarettes. Her professional manner and advice made me believe that change was possible. She suggested several strategies addressed to my thirty-year smoking habit. Within two weeks I had smoked my last cigarette. She had taught me that quitting was a reasonable goal, and I am so glad that I had her advice. I had tried to quit several times over the prior years, but it was just a few appointments with Marsha that got me over the hurdle for good.

Though I had no childhood weight problems the adult years had seen a one-way pattern of weight gain. Each decade had added fifteen pounds, and my cholesterol had my doctors concerned. I was urged to see a nutritionist. Marsha taught me new cooking strategies, and sensible ways to order more healthful meals when we went out. I would say that her guidance has led to a thirty-pound weight loss and my cholesterol is now under control. I had known of the importance of diet and exercise, but Marsha taught me to integrate better habits into my life everyday. I still have a few pounds to lose, but I am sure the methods and ideas I learned will stand me in good stead for life.

I would say that her professional and compassionate manner, together with her sensible advice can benefit anyone with the desire to improve their style of eating. Sometimes just being aware of the healthful alternative can steer us to a better life choice, and I am sure that Marsha's counsel has gone far towards making me a healthier and happier person.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Powell
Private Investor


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